All the soaps in ELEAMED are organic and virgin. They are 100% natural, without a trace of chemicals. Lavender, Cedar & Petit Grain. We wanted to create something natural with handmade feeling. So we came up with the idea to draw the basic illustrations with hand and then create a wooden package with paper inside to keep the soap comfy. The color palette simulates the 3 types translating these into tones that enfold the brand. The logo features the treasure of the Greek land: the extra virgin olive oil. Our brand proposal visually reflects the olive oil organic ramifications and embraces its iconic figure. The typography complements the brand by adding a stylistic touch of classic elegance.

Also we were in charge of designing and developing Eleamed’s website. Its objective is to provide the client with a streamlined experience, allowing them to easily navigate the products, philoshophy, and uniqueness that Eleamed offers. The experience will be complemented with an online shop and the sale locations.


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